Workpath: Revitalizing a brand and website for a premier healthcare startup.

Website design & development, design system creation, and UX ideation.

The Client

At-home healthcare is one of the fastest growing sectors of the medical industry. Even before the COVID pandemic, companies had started the shift to digital healthcare—with patients booking appointments online, and followups, blood work, or checkups happening right inside their homes. Workpath is a SaaS solution for teams who have been managing this work inside spreadsheets, messaging apps, and emails. It allows patients and medical techs to order, manage, and act on appointments from one single dashboard.

The Challenge

I was approached to help Workpath improve its marketing tech stack, and to propose solutions to some issues within the dashboard product itself.

Like a lot of busy saas startups, Workpath was managing its own website and marketing. As such, it was a patchwork of templates and stock art that failed to tell the story of the transformative technology inside.


I initially worked with the team to build out a narrative about the brand, a simple story we could use to explain Workpath to anyone—no PhD required. We also narrowed the focus, from being mostly about healthcare to being exclusively about healthcare, with no focus on edge cases. While it’s true that Workpath’s tech could work for lots of team scenarios, the most successful pitches were to healthcare.

I then went to work on a series of high fidelity sketches and wireframes, trying to establish a storytelling flow for the homepage.

My goals were simple: show real people whenever possible, show the software in action, and leave a trail of breadcrumbs from a customer’s initial interaction with Workpath all the way through their first “aha” moment.

Workpath's new marketing should show real people, and show the product whenever possible.

My push for “real people” was greeted with a lot of enthusiasm, and shortly after starting the homepage redesign project I was able to work with a photographer to get real action shots of techs working in the field. This changed and simplified our approach dramatically, and lead to another set of sketches.

This design was our winner, and was doing a lot of heavy lifting:

  • New colors and type system
  • New feel for buttons and callouts
  • A new style for showcasing the real pixels of the product
  • A new set of log lines for use in all marketing

I built the new marketing website as a Ruby on Rails app, employing a custom design system that made responsive design easier. When the app was later migrated to NextJS I was able to retain all the design work, so nothing went to waste and the migration took a single week to complete.

Wrapping Up

Workpath was successfully acquired in 2021 by Ro, one of the goals set forth for the new marketing and design work. I credit the team at Workpath for the depth of their product knowledge, and for being fearless about a new direction.

Though this website has since been replaced, many themes and cues from this work remain in use. I feel that a good set of concepts, even if its expressions change, can have a very long life.

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