Hi. I'm Nick Jones, a creative developer in Providence.

I use design, code, illustration, and research to make apps and sites that give people superpowers.

I still do things by hand, write code, and appreciate craft.

My entry point into my work has always been a love of art and design in and of themselves. In an age of commoditized design and thousands of identical websites, this is a differentiator.

I'm also excited by and interested in products and their stories. The moments leading up to creation are just as important, if not more important, than the app or product that was created. I help companies illustrate and tell those kinds of stories.

My advice is to move quickly toward your goal, but not be careless. Build the thing you care about, and worry about audience later. Don't be distracted by perfection, and don't get sucked in by bright shiny objects (like pixel perfect design systems and libraries full of components of dubious utility).

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