About the designer

I was raised by two journalists (one of whom also painted and took photographs) and I learned to set type by hand on a then-100-year-old iron printing press. My family used it to make Christmas cards every year.

My sister bought an old Mac from a graphic design company she was working for and brought it home. I logged as many hours in front of it as I possibly could, learning Photoshop and QuarkXPress. Not long after I persuaded my friends to make a 'zine with me, which I art directed with great fervor in my best imitation of David Carson. Some of them are even still friends with me.

My first real design job also involved writing copy and starring in radio commercials, which I really liked a lot. We used every opportunity to write whimsical and silly ads for one particular client--because he graciously let us--and even won an award from the Automobile Dealers Association for a print ad. I have it around here somewhere. That job taught me a lot about tone and voice.

Home Office, Queens, NYC - May 2020

I moved to Washington, DC for the first time in 2007 and designed websites, including one for the office of Taiwanese cultural outreach.

After DC, I lived in Virginia working for several consultancies that served startups and founders. I then founded my own consultancy called Tiny Goat, which I did for many years. Tiny Goat did work for everyone from Disney to small startups you've never heard of. It was fun, but tiring.

I moved back to DC again to lead product design at Custom Ink. Years later, I moved to NYC. I live in Queens with my family where I like to cook, play music, and design even when no one is paying me for it.